Tibetan Thanka, is the leading online Tibetan art and craft store, offering authentic Thangka painting directly from local artisans. It is a subsidiary store of the parent company Handicrafts in Nepal. Our mission is to support each Thanka artist and help them financially to achieve quality living standard.

From the beginning of starting this online store, we believe in fair trade in terms of work environment and payment. We make sure all our artists are treated equally and assist them in every step of life.

Every sale we make, we are donating 10% of our profit to the local artists’ family fund. This special fund goes directly to artists’ families’ education, health, food, and shelter. We want to make this fund as much transparent as possible. Hence, you can view the report online and see the progress on the collected fund from every sale.

Are you ready to support our artists and walk in to promote Tibetan & Buddhist Arts together? 

Why Tibetan Thanka?

  • Each artist is independent, hard-working, and has their unique quality in Tibetan and Buddhist Thangka Painting
  • All our Thanka artists are masters and have deep knowledge of Buddhism and its History, Deities, Scene or Mandala
  • Support the local artists and help them to be creative in Thangka painting

Keep loving and supporting Tibetan and Buddhist Arts & Crafts. You are not only buying a piece of Tibetan and Buddhist arts but also appreciating their hard work as well as supporting them financially.