Black Golden Jambala Thangka (Z11): God of Wealth


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This Zambala Thangka Painting is hand-painted on high-quality cotton canvas by a Master artist. The size of this thangka is 78 x 58 cm.

Zambala is commonly known as the God of Wealth, Kubera’s Buddhist form. The wealthy-looking Zambala is always seen to be a little overweight, not necessarily obese, but with a great physique.

His round head is seen with a lavish crown and he carries a lemon in his right hand. He also sits on a tiny dragon with an adorable look. In Asia, dragons are seen as benevolent creatures.

Zambala is holding a mongoose in his left hand, spewing jewels. And, also, like a money bag with coins, he keeps some more characteristics of ample riches in his hands.

In a semi-wrathful presence, Zambala manifests and is depicted sitting on a moon disc atop the lotus seat with his right leg extended on a sofa.

His orange saffron body is decorated with numerous precious ornaments and a fresh flower garland. Zambala, in short, is known as the god of riches and the guardian of dharma.

  • Material: Cotton canvas, Natural Pigment, Gold and Silver
  • Used for home or office decor or yoga or meditation
  • 100% Genuine hand-painted in Himalaya
  • Shipping to Worldwide
  • Donating 10% of Sales Profit to Artist Family Fund for Education, Health, Food and Shelter

How do we pack and ship the Thangka? 

Each painting is beautifully packed with hand-made Nepalese Lokta paper and put into a solid non-bendable shipping PVC pipe for safety.

Add-on (Optional):

We also offer Silk Brocade Framing with an additional fee. Kindly make a request as soon as you place an order as we ship all items within 1-2 business days. Additionally, you can read this guide on other thangka framings options.


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