Mahakala Thangka Painting (MK7)

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This Mahakala Thangka painting is hand-painted on high-quality cotton canvas by a Master artist. The size of this thangka is 56 x 42 cm.

Mahakala appears as a protector deity known as Dharmapala in Vajrayana Buddhism, particularly in many of these Tibetan traditions like Citipati, and in Chinese mystical Buddhism and Shingon Buddhism.

Mahakala is typically black in color. Much as all colors are absorbed and melted into black, all names and forms are said to melt into those of Mahakala, symbolizing his all-embracing, all-encompassing essence.

Black may also reflect the complete lack of color, and again, in this case, it means the essence of Mahakala as ultimate or absolute truth. This theory is known in Sanskrit as “nirguna,” beyond all quality and type, and is characterized by both meanings.

The most significant difference in Mahakala’s representations and appearances is the number of arms, but other details can also differ. In some instances, for example, there are Mahakalas in white, with several heads, without genitals, standing on different numbers of different items, carrying different tools, with alternate ornaments, and so on.


  • Material: Cotton canvas, Natural Pigment, Gold and Silver
  • Used for home or office decor or yoga or meditation
  • 100% Genuine hand-painted in Himalaya
  • Shipping to Worldwide
  • Donating 10% of Sales Profit to Artist Family Fund for Education, Health, Food and Shelter

How do we pack and ship the Thangka? 

Each painting is beautifully packed with hand-made Nepalese Lokta paper and put into a solid non-bendable shipping PVC pipe for safety.

Add-on (Optional):

We also offer Silk Brocade Framing with an additional fee. Kindly make a request as soon as you place an order as we ship all items within 1-2 business days. Additionally, you can read this guide on other thangka framings options.


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